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blerdy blerdy bler

2008-03-13 16:29:13 by clangalang

blah blah blah look up kung fu kill you on youtube


2008-02-23 08:44:23 by clangalang

So hey I'm sure no one reads this but I'm going to make a post anyway
If by chance someone does read this, can you help me out with something

Do you need to have macromedia flash to use a pre-loader?

uh well

2008-02-06 19:42:51 by clangalang

Uh yea If anybody reads this I could use some help with something
I posted a flash like a month ago and it was booted off. uh If you saw it it was called
guitar hero gets blown
It was actually supposed to be guitar hero gets blown outta the water but the real title didn't fit so if you saw it and you are by chance looking at this, help me out. if not I'll put it back and find out what's really wrong with it


2008-01-29 18:15:11 by clangalang

So uh whats up I'm just sitting here and I realized that I've only done 1 post
not that anyone cares or anything
no one reads this crap...
So yea If anyone actually does read this perhaps they can respong to this question.
At any point do you get more than 10 exp. points per day?

first post

2007-12-27 22:46:48 by clangalang

yea this is my first post so knock yorself out. uh I guess I like to play games... 10 bucks says that I get at least 10 comments that say I'm a douche or sumthing.